Safe control policies for large-scale non-linear systems operating in uncertain environments.

In this survey, we list different representations for the state and action spaces of a driving policy. We focus on the literature …

The invention relates to a method for piloting a rotary wing drone, the method being implemented by an electronic apparatus for …

A system for shooting moving images includes a drone provided with a camera and a ground station, the camera being directed along a …

The displacements of the drone are defined by piloting commands to take moving images of a target carrying the ground station. The …

The displacements of the drone are defined by piloting commands applied to a set of propulsion units of the drone, the drone flying …


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A collection of environments for behavioral planning tasks in autonomous driving

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Automatic reproduction of images with simple primitives

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Quadcopter FPV Racing simulator

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Signal processing tool to recover the music score from an audio file


Design and construction of a DIY quadcopter running on Arduino Mega


Detection of language and spelling correction using a Naive Bayes classifier


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