In the beginning of 2014, Hassan Bouchiba and I decided to make a quadcopter from scratch as a hobbyist robotics project.


  • ITG-3200 MEMS gyroscope
  • ADXL345 accelerometer
  • HMC5883L magnetometer
  • A2212-13 Brushless Motors
  • APC 10x4.7 Propellers
  • FlyFun Electronic Speed Controllers 18A
  • Designed on Catia
  • 3D printed arms
  • Core made of carbon plates
IMUMotorsSee below


Application: the ThugDrone

Now that the drone was up and flying, my good friend Adrien Rahier came to me with the idea to use it as an aerial graffiti platform.

We actuated a spray can with a servo-motor controlled remotely, and mounted it with a rotating joint on the quadcopter.

The drone had to be able to automatically stay still against a wall. Wall stand

Here is the result.


Edouard Leurent
Research Scientist

My research interests include control, statistical learning and robotics.