Kestrel Fpv

Kestrel Fpv

I have always been eager to fly a drone through FPV goggles, but was always too afraid to break anything during the first flights. A simulator was the perfect way to practice before getting serious, but unfortunately few free solutions can be found online, so I decided to make my own.

KestrelFPV is a quadcopter simulator made with Unity3D. It is meant as a tool to learn how to fly a drone in Acro/Rate mode in First-Person-View.


  • Realistic simulation of motors, propellers and aerodynamics.
  • Tuneable flight controller, including several modes such as Stabilized and Manual angles and height control.
  • Multiplayer FPV racing game mode.
  • Several 3D scenes available: Viking Village, Forest, Stadium.
  • Several type of cameras: FPV, Follow, and Eye-level.
  • Drone 3D model of the Parrot Bebop Drone.




  • v2.0 - 02/11/15

    • Multiplayer mode
    • Race mode
    • New scene: Stadium
    • All Bebop colors available
  • v1.3 - 11/07/15

    • New setting to invert joystick axes for RC controllers (thanks Matej for the idea)
    • New FPV camera FOV setting
    • Flight controller: better height loop and mix of motor commands
  • v1.2 - 10/06/15

    • New stabilized mode for the Flight Controller
    • Intuitive tuning of controllers in terms of response time
    • More accurate modelisation of the Parrot Bebop drone physics
  • v1.1 - 30/05/15

    • New scene: Forest
    • Tuning options for the angles controller
    • FPV Camera tilt setting
  • v1.0 - 15/05/15

    • Flight Controller in manual mode
    • Bebop drone 3D model and physics
    • Viking village 3D scene
Edouard Leurent
Research Scientist

My research interests include control, statistical learning and robotics.