Method for Piloting a Rotary Wing Drone, Related Computer Program, Electronic Apparatus and Drone


The invention relates to a method for piloting a rotary wing drone, the method being implemented by an electronic apparatus for piloting the drone, the drone being configured to have an on board camera. The method comprises calculating different types of navigation setpoint(s) of the drone, based on different types of piloting instructions for the movement of the drone, a type of piloting instruction being capable of modifying at least an attitude angle of the drone and/or the movement speed of the drone, each type of piloting instruction respectively being associated with a type of navigation setpoints, the calculation comprising, for at least one type of piloting instructions: determining the sighting axis of the camera; obtaining at least one navigation setpoint associated with at least one type of piloting instructions based on the sighting axis of the camera.

Publication number: 20180307225
Edouard Leurent
Research Scientist

My research interests include control, statistical learning and robotics.