Autonomous System for Taking Moving Images from a Drone, with Target Tracking and Improved Target Location


The displacements of the drone are defined by piloting commands to take moving images of a target carrying the ground station. The system comprises means for adjusting the sight angle of the camera during the displacements of the drone and of the target, so that the images are centred to the target, and means for generating flying instructions so that the distance between drone and target fulfils determined rules, these means being based on a determination of the GPS geographical position of the target with respect to the GPS geographical position of the drone, and of the angular position of the target with respect to a main axis of the drone. These means are also based on the analysis of a non-geographical signal produced by the target and received by the drone. The system allows freeing from the uncertainty of the GPS systems equipping this type of device.

Publication number: 20180022472
Edouard Leurent
Research Scientist

My research interests include control, statistical learning and robotics.